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Morrisbrand Acoustic Consultancy

Do you have a noise issue?

Would you like to address it with the most cost effective and acoustically effective approach?

Links to Case Studies

Marks & Spencer
Alenia Aermacchi
Bruel and Kjaer

Morrisbrand is a One Stop Shop for Noise Measurement and Control, providing Acoustic support to Commercial, Aerospace, and Private Clients.

Morrisbrand can offer the following services,
  • Noise Compliance Measurements, Assessments, and Solutions
    • Noise Risk Assessments
    • Noise Surveys
    • Noise Transmission Measurements
  • Interior (Room) acoustics solutions
  • Duct acoustic solutions (HVAC noise, aircraft noise)
    • Specialising in duct acoustic optimisation and acoustic liner design
Morrisbrand's goal is for total Customer satisfaction, through the supply of cost effective and acoustically effective Noise Reduction Solutions. Morrisbrand clients include Marks & Spencer, Bruel and Kjaer, and Alenia Aermacchi. For any queries and a free appraisal of your Noise issue, contact us using the contact details on the right.

Contact Details

Dr. Paul Murray (CPhys, Member IOP, IOA)
Address: Horsham, West Sussex, UK.
Email: paulbmurray@morrisbrand.co.uk
Web: www.morrisbrand.co.uk
Office: 01403 269263
Mob: 07770 490501

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